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Provision guide

What is customized health information data?

“Customized health information data” refers to the health information data which are collected, managed, and maintained by the National Health Insurance Corporation to be modified as requested in the purpose of policy and academic research. They are provided by Statistic analysis tool in “Data analysis room” located within the National Health Insurance Corporation in which PC for review and analysis of data is installed.


Provision guide National Health Insurance Corporation Request
Payment Analysis
Study protocol and
(IRB approval) form
Complete and
sign request form
Accept and
review documents
Real-time Reviewed by
review committee
within 14 days Data validated Data extracted Payment Receive the Bill Perform analysis
Seat assigned and
Data provided
within 2 days Inform of
the result
Transfer interim data Study close-out and

Scope of Data Sharing

  • When requested by national institution for policy and official duty
  • When requested by general and university research institutions for the study performance outsourced by administrations
  • When requested for general academic researches
  • When requested by individuals or organizations for the enhancement of public welfare in health care area

Forms of Data Sharing

  • Health insurance data Data provided within the range of national health insurance (excluding data provided by other organizations in other purpose)
  • Data without identification of
    Data provided in the form of
    which information of individual,
    corporation and
    organization is not identifiable
  • Customized data Data in the available form can be
    created upon agreement in prior

Number of seats

  • 59 seats in the data analysis room(22nd fl.Headquarter of the National Health Insurance Corporation)


Fee for customized data : Duration fee + Data fee

A. Duration fee

  • Under 6 days : 50,000 KRW X No. of days
  • Over 1 week, less than 1 month : [225,000 KRW X No. of weeks] + [50,000 KRW X No. of rest of the days]
  • Over 1 month : [700,000 KRW X No. of months] + [225,000 KRW X No. of rest of the weeks] + [50,000 KRW X No. of rest of the days]
    Other : The last of the duration is included in the fee calculation even if it is Saturday or Bank holiday.

B. Data fee : Additional 10,000 KRW / 1GB if it exceeds 200GB

Request form completion

Complete the request form on-line as below by “Data request > Request” menu and submit required attachments to finalize the request.

It is a table which summarizes contents of application and reception documents. Procedure consists of classification, mandatory, selection, application phase, screening phase, termination phase.
Type of process Required Selective
Phrase of request
  • Data request form (Corporate form)
  • Details of data request (Corporate form)
  • Consent form on collection and use of personal information (Corporate form)
  • Study protocol (No specific form) – IRB approval (Attachment)
  • Dissertation study protocol – (Graduate dissertation, no specific form)
  • Data change request form (Corporate form)
  • Objection form (Corporate form)
Payment phase Pledge (Corporate form)
Security Memorandum(Corporate form)
Pledge of security (Corporate form)
Close-out phase Study closing report (Corporate form)
※ Download all the relevant forms for reference Download

How to request & Contact information for inquiries

  • [Request ]Via menu “Request data>Customized study DB>request” or via official letter
  • [Address]32 Geongang-ro(Bangok-dong), Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, National Health Insurance Corporation (Big data operation room)
  • [Tel ]+82-33.736.2469