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NHIS has been operating NHISS to provide a sufficient support of
policy and academic research by utilizing National Health information.

NHISS has been established to enhance the user’s access and convenience of utilization from the application of National Health information data down to the research result sharing.NHIS will provide support to help the research activity in various sectors, society, economy, environment, industry etc as well as the policy and academic research of health?medical sector by providing Sample cohort DB, Customized DB, Health Disease index etc through NHISS.In addition, NHIS will spread our personnel exchange and cooperation with researchers from a variety of sectors while tuning into the trend ? open door and sharing of public data.


  • Establishment of evidence-based health

    Medical service and related policy by opening a various data

  • Openness and Sharing of public data

    Particularly Sample research DB, Customized DB, Health disease index DB