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What is National health information DB

National health information DB National health information DB refers to a big data including 1.3 trillion cases of qualification, insurance rate, medical check-up result, treatment details, elderly long-term nursing insurance data, clinic status, registered information of cancer and rare disease, and etc.

What is Sample Research DB?

Sample Research DB Sample Research DB refers to the data standardized in the sharable form by extracting the sample to improve the limited access and use by investigators due to large size and personal identifiable information issues. The DB allows the long-term observation on the same individual as a cohort which connects the qualification data including social & economic variables (location of residence, month and date of death, cause of death, income rank, etc.) to treatment details, medical check-up data, and etc. to enable the analysis of causal or temporal relationship.Sample cohort DB, Medical check-up DB, Elderly cohort DB, Working women cohort DB, Infant medica check-up DB, and etc. are available now.

What is Customized DB?

Customized DB Customized DB refers to the health information data which are collected, managed, and maintained by the National Health Insurance Corporation to be modified as requested in the purpose of policy and academic research. They are provided by Statistic analysis tool in “Data analysis room” located within the National Health Insurance Corporation in which PC for review and analysis of data is installed.

What is health disease index?

Health disease index Health disease index is an index of chronic disease management systematically calculated from the big data of the National Health Insurance Corporation including not only risk factors of chronic diseases but also process of occurrence and complication.