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Provision guide

How to request for data

Data will be provided via following process starting from the on-line "Data request>Request" and the progress status can be checked at "My Service".

  • Submit request form

    Date of submission

    25 days

  • Documents reviewed

    25 days from the date of submission

    15 days

  • Pay for fee

    4o days from the date of submission

    5 days

  • Receive data

    45 days from the date of submission

※ Review is postponed to the next review date when the request exceeds the capacity of review

Details of request process

Person of request National Health Insurance Corporation Study protocol and
approval (from IRB)
Complete and
sign request form
Request form
Submit IRB approval
form, study protocol,
and etc.
Notification of
review result
Closed Notification of
review opinion
NO Data provision
review committee
YES Notified of
the payment bill
Pay the bill/
submit security-related
Receive payment receipt
/ Database created –
delivered via USB
(direct of mail)
Check data Closed Notify receipt