Sample Research DB

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  • [Standard] Qualified individuals as of 2002 (Approximately a million)
  • [Duration] 2002-2013 (12 years)
  • [Contents] Social&economic qualification variables (including death and disability), status of medical resource utilization (Consult and medical check-up), and status of clinic
  • [Reference]Download reference data of Sample cohort
  • Qualification DB

    • SubjectsHealth insurance subscribers and Medicare recipients (excluding foreigners)
    • Variables composed of total 14 variables including gender, age, location, type of subscription, social economic variable of the subject such as income rank, disability, death, and etc.
    • Additional
      data (2 types)
      Cause of death(medium division, subclass) from the National statistics office, state and local data → Provided upon review if required,
      notified to the National statistics office of data sharing of death data
  • Treatment DB

    • Contents Payment data to the clinic upon and treatment of subjects at the clinic
    • Composition composed of 10 detailed DB including Statement (20t), details of treatment(30t), type of disease (40t), details of prescription(60t) on the data from Medical_medical institution(T1), Dental_oriental (T2), Pharmacy(T3)
      Treatment DB
      Division T1 Medical_medical institution T2 Dental_oriental T3_Pharmacy
      Statement 20t
      Details of treatment 30t
      Type of disease 40t -
      Details of prescription 60t -
    • Variables composed of total 57 variables including common statement, treatment, type of disease, and prescription ? 28 raviables in 20t, 13 in 30t, 5 in 40t, and 11 in 60t.
  • Medical check-up DB

    • Contents major results from medical check-up and behavior and habitual data from questionnaire
      Including primary general medical check-up data and transition period check-up data from 2008
    • Composition Separate medical check-up DB prepared for 2002-2008 and 2009-2013,
      Major check-up and questionnaire items have changed due to change in medical check-up system (2009)
    • Variables composed of 37 variables in 2002-2008 and 41 variables in 2009-2013
  • Clinic DB

    • Contents Status, facility, equipment, and personnel data of clinics by type, establishment, and location(city and state)
    • Variables composed of total 10 variables

Estimated Fee

Investigator approved for the data sharing from the health insurance corporation in purpose of policy and academic research will pay the fee for data

  • Sample Research DB : Fee + Discharge cost

    • A. Fee : 10,000 KRW/GB X Amount of Data (GB)
    • ※ GB unit is used to deduct exceeding values over GB
    • B. Discharge cost : KRW 35,000 per request for data exprot(USB storage device cost etc.)
    • ※ If you extend the period of use by expiration, you will pay an additional 20% of the initial charge.