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National health information data request review committee

The National Health Insurance Corporation operates a National health information data request review committee (the “committee”) to review and decide the following items for the provision and use of national health information data

  • Approval on use of national health information data
  • How to provide national health information data
  • Changes such as prolongation of the approved duration of use
  • Continuation of use of data if items change
  • Deduction of fees and etc
  • Objection request
  • Other items the chairman request for review such as operation of committee and etc.

Composition of review committee

  • The review committee is composed of members less than 11 including 1 chairman.
  • The chairman is the chief of department which supervises the operation related to the sharing of national health information data.
  • The member’s term is 1 year which can be extended
  • The member of the committee is the one of the following designated or appointed by the chairman of the board.
    • Less than 5 persons appointed by the chairman out of those recommended by chiefs of each department of the National Health Insurance Corporation.
    • Less than 5 persons recommended by relevant academic society, government organizations, civil organizations, and etc
  • The chairman calls for the review committee at least twice each month.
  • The review committee is opened by attendance of the majority of registered members and decided by approval of the majority of attendees.