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What is the Index of Medical utilization ?

  • It is used to develop a disease occurrence model for the risk factors and complications of main chronic disease

  • It is the systematic managing index of chronic diseases by progressive stage

Provision Guide

Purpose of providing Index of Medical utilization

  • Increasing prevalence of chronic disease due to rapid ageing and westernized dietary pattern eventually has led to increasing medical expenses and declining quality of life.

  • Therefore, it aimes to support customized health care programs by providing Index of Medical utilization by regions and workplaces based on Big Data of National Health Insurance.

Guide view of service inquiry application

  • Eligible candidate of application
  •  - Person in charge belonging to the following establishment
    • • Health Center
    • • Businesses of over 300 employees
  • Application method for getting permission for use
  •  1. Fill in the application form and enter additional information in the screen below by clicking on "Application for Permission"
    • - Attach evidentiary documents [for health center, person in charge of business only]
    • - Evidentiary document : official letter approved by organization
  •  2. Permission will be granted to personal account following the approval of responsible department

※ Inquiry of application : Information Analysis department, chief assistant Park, Eunji(02-3270-6658)